The website (and promise)

This website was created to give my fellow GDPR folks an easy, swift access to the full GDPR legal text. It's tailor-made to suit a busy privacy pro who quickly needs to look up an Article or Recital, or want to link to an online version of these in your documentation.

My promise on this website is simple: It's entirely free. No ads, pop-ups or sales pitches. No strings attached.

An efficiency hack

I love efficiency (as long as it’s also effective ;)). So I found the shortest URL I could and created a format which allows you to access a relevant Article or Recital instantly; just add "a" or "r" and type the number in the URL, like this:

  • Type to access Article 5
  • Type to access Recital 5
  • Type to access Chapter 5

The company

NoTies.Consulting is the international brand name for Bedre Bedrift AS, a Norwegian-registered limited liability company. You can view our public record here.

The privacy enthusiast

👋 Hello there, my name is Rie Aleksandra Walle and I'm the founder of NoTies Consulting. I co-host the Grumpy GDPR podcast and have a true passion for privacy.

Our field is undoubtedly a challenging one and our community is often fighting an uphill battle. Unfortunately, DPOs tend to be unappreciated and have too few resources to be able to perform our tasks sufficiently, not least considering the constantly changing regulatory landscape.

With more knowledge sharing and support I hope to contribute to more visibility, and awareness, for my fellow GDPR practitioners going forward. Please reach out to me if you’d like to know more about our community building.

Your privacy on this website

An important consideration when getting this website developed was, of course, privacy. I chose a static website to make it lightning fast and everything else was built as privacy-friendly as possible – with no third-country transfers, nor any tracking (including analytics). Here’s an overview:

  • Designed & developed by Eduardo Gómez
  • Static framework: Astro
  • Hosting and CDN: EU-based provider with all traffic restricted to EU only. When you visit this website your IP address is processed to be able to communicate with your browser. The IP address is anonymized and kept for up to a few days only for security purposes, based on our legitimate interest to ensure the security of the website. We don't use cookies or any technology to track you on this website!
  • Please just reach out if you have any questions about your privacy or this website!